Mariane Bitran Alain Apaloo / Wind of Tomorrow

Those two world-jazz musicians met in Copenhagen and discovered instantly a musical connection which they developed through the years playing and touring together with different projects. Recently, they recorded this new duo project « Wind of Tomorrow » presenting their compositions, that… Read More »

Alisio Winds

Alisio Winds is a chamber ensemble of four of Copenhagen’s most diverse and adventurous woodwind players. Drawing from the members’ intersecting backgrounds in the realms of jazz, classical, contemporary and world music, the quartet’s repertoire includes self-composed music, along with improvisational… Read More »


SABA is a collective with a special sound, transparent and universal; the mix of the light flutes, acoustic guitar, voice, saxophones (especially the soprano) and percussions creates a soundscape that could have resemblances to many different kinds of traditional folk… Read More »

Ijexa Group "Den Grimme Ælling"

IJEXA GROUP  Den Grimme Ælling Ny Forestilling!                                         Ijexa Group præsenterer en genfortolkning af H. C. Andersens eventyr, i hvilken publikum… Read More »

Ijexa Group Kidogo og giraffen

Ijexa Group Kidogo og giraffen Kidogo og Giraffen er en multimedie-forestilling der henvender sig til børn i alle aldre. Med udgangspunkt i en traditionel afrikansk fortælling vil en historiefortæller, en danser og tre musikere opføre en fantasi om dyrenes skabelse,… Read More »

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