« The French flutist, Mariane Bitran, who lives in Denmark, that made her debut this evening with her own quartet, immediately showed a brilliant control of her instrument. Her tone rows floated away with ample melodiousness, as did the music she made, using her good and relatively classical sound, excellent improvised statements in which late jazz flute expressionists like Eric Dolphy and Roland Kirk – occasionally-would seem to lurk somewhere in the depths. »
Kjeld Frandsen – Berlingske Tidende

« Bitran is highly gifted technically; she expresses herself fluently and plays lightly on the beat, even in the extremely fast version of « Seven Steps to Heaven ». The rhythm section was very active and to give credit to Anders Mogensen , one must say that he maintained the volume of the drums at a suitable level, while still keeping a strong energy. »
Frank Buchmann-Møller, Fyns Stiftstidende

« French flutist, Mariane Bitran, from Paris was definitely a good acquaintance. She expressed herself with elegance and an unusually beautifull tone, not unlike her famous compatriot Jean-Pierre Rampal, and at the same time she possessed a reel and progressive imagination in the jazz idiom. »
Kjeld Frandsen – Berlingske Tidende

« Wow! What a music, what a trip! Listen to those superb flights from the flutist Mariane Bitran, it’s taking off and as beautiful as Red Garland’s piano-parts. »
Michel Le Fou, Guitare et Clavier


About A Place For You

« The constellation does that the music – even though it is clearly rooted in the jazz idiom – also alternates between hints of classical music as well as genuine world-music, and this in an easy and effortless manner. In other words: « A Place for you » is of a rare dimension on a high artistic level. »
Ivan Rod Gaffa 03/2-2004

« A Place for You » is the first solo-album from Bitran. Here, the flute, with its light and spherical sound, finds a good response from the rest of the group in a warm, living and captivating album and Bitran turns the flute into a completely evident jazz instrument. »
Tine Godsk Hansen. music 12/02-2004

« One finds oneself in good company with a group of musicians playing on the edge because music is essential to them. »
Finn Slumstrup. Jazz Special, February /March 2004

About Mariane Bitran All One

 » … The music is flowing in a wonderful, refreshing way… Different and unexpected. »
Christine Christiansen.

 » … Mariane Bitran can play in this sphere where contrasts meet and this is an artistic strength. »
Tine Clara Holbøll. Jazz Special 2006

« One could appreciate her flute with Bertrand Renaudin’s Zoomtop Orchestra as well as in the group of the Moutin brothers. She’s coming back to us at the moment from Denmark where she followed her husband Simon Spang-Hanssen. Apart from the punctual appearance of the Togolese singer guitarist and composer Alain Apaloo, we cross a piece of the composer Carl Nielsen, as well as a graft of Syeedas Song flute on a fine arrangement of Nardis which owes a lot to the nylon strings of Olivier Cahours. The latter brings ideas that are always appropriate to the flutist’s taste for modal improvisation in which there is no smugness and which is never at a loss of argument with a sound that combine tone and breath at the service of a beautiful expressivity… »
Franck Bergerot. Jazzman, January 2007

« Breath extension … Bitran is always exciting to listen to, she is a virtuoso on her instrument, yet she is still leaving space for the invited musicians. A dynamic rhythmic and a sensitive flute… »
JydskeVestkysten. May 2006


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