Welcome everybody !

I am so excited about my new duo album « Wind of Tomorrow » with the fantastic guitarist, singer Alain Apaloo from Togo. You can see more under project… It will be released this autumn, check this out!

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central new album Speaking to the Wind is out ! For this album, Simon composed all the songs, music and lyrics interpreted by amazing singers Claudia Campagnol and Alain Apaloo…The line up is like a dream team and the music is uplifting with some nice colors in the horn arrangements… I am performing on flute, piccolo and G flute.

It’s been a great pleasure to join  amazing musician and multi-media artist, Chassol, for 2 concerts with Indiamore +3 at Paris Philarmony for the Steve Reich Unlimited and at Lille Piano Festival… You can see and hear a short video he made during his visit in Copenhagen: href= »https://www.facebook.com/christophethomas.chassol/videos/10152238291145895/

yours truly,