Mariane Bitran & Makiko Hirabayashi 5tet – GREY TO BLUE Feat. Bob Rockwell

Mariane Bitran – Makiko Hirabayashi 5tet  GREY TO BLUE
Feat. Bob Rockwell.

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Live in Portalen oct. 2011
Fly Bird Fly
All One
Grey to Blue Intro solo Bob Rockwell

This is an exciting project I started with the Japanese piano player, Makiko Hirabayashi. We had our first concert at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival , and have been working steadily since then. A very strong, colourful rhythm section with drummer, Niclas Campagnol and Swedish bass player, Erik Olevik. With the addition of one of the best tenor sax players in the country, Bob Rockwell (US), the group is complete, and kicking!! — an international line-up, and a modern, original sound, which combines elements of world music and classical music with jazz.