All One – Mariane Bitran

Mariane Bitran, Jazz, Festival

ith Christophe Lavergne and Olivier Cahours, All One at Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

« All One » began when I met the french guitarist and composer , Olivier Cahours by coincidence at the Orleans Jazz Festival . I played in his quartet for many years before to move in Denmark and his music was still running in my mind.

In october 2004, I had the occasion to put this danish/ french band together for the danish Jazz Festival in Paris. From the very begining we had this special sound, not only due to the instrumentation but further more to the strong musicals personalities present .This colour allowed us not only to play our compositions but also to revisit tunes like Carl Nielsen’s « The Fog is Lifting » …

Mariane Bitran



Olivier Cahours

Specialized in acoustic guitar , composer, arranger and interpreter, he worked with numerous artists , such as : J-F Jenny Clarke , Thierry Colson , Sharon Evans , Bertrand Renaudin , Eric Barret, Peter King, Nuit De Prince , Zoomtop Orchestra , Enrico Rava, Palle Danielson, Tony Coe…

Olivier CAHOURS is a guest of a great number of festivals among others : « Parc Floral de Paris, Master Guitar de Pau, Grenoble Jazz Festival , Midem de Cannes, Européan Jazz Festival du Mans , Foire de Paris, Jazz en Touraine … » He equally leads an international career by giving concerts and master classes in South Africa , Nepal , Cameroon, the Seychelles , the Reunion Island , Tanzania , Malawi , Mozambique , Ouganda ,Belgium ,Holland …

Rasmus Ehlers
Pianist born in 1971 , Denmark. In 1999, Rasmus lived in New-York for six months , where he played and took classes with Gary Dial. That same year, he began his collaboration with George Garzone, with the result of seven tours in Denmark and a concert at the Knitting Factory and the Cd  » Brooklyn days ».

Rasmus played with artists such as: Tomas Franck, Ted Curson, Ugonna Okegwo, Ben Street, Leroy Jones, Benny Waters, Doug Rainy, Bent Jädig, Tom Kirkpatrick, Richard Boone, Jesper Thilo, Bob Mintzer, Katrine Madsen, Jakob Fischer, Jesper Lundgaard, Claus Waidtløv, Carlos Martins, John Lockwood, Fransico Mela, John Sullivan, Pete Zimmer og Tessa Soutier.

Thomas Fonnesbæk
Bassist ,Denmark. Thomas is very present on the danish scene, playing with Poul Reimann’s trio, violonist Kristian Jorgensen’s 4tet with Jacob Fisher on guitar, Karsten Houmark’s Quartet and Thomas Clausen’s trio, among others…

Christophe Lavergne
Drummer, France. He performed or recorded with Seamus Blake, Philippe Harper, Guillaume Orti, Laurent Cugny, George Arvanitas, Graham Haynes, Norma Winston, Christophe Wallemme, Emmanuel Bex, Jacques Pellen, Steve Potts, Alain Jean-Marie, Gildas Bocle, Stéphane Belmondo, Denis Leloup, Michel Benita, David Patrois, Anthony Kerr, Gueorgui Kornazov, Olivier Hutman, Geoffroy De Masure, Benoît Delbecq, Pierre De Bethmann, Ronan Guylfoyle, Bruno Angelini, Olivier Sens, Jean-Louis Lognon, François Corneloup, Ravi Coltrane, Drew Gress, George Garzone, Misja Fitzgerald-Michel, Norbert Lucarain …

Back in 1985, he graduated at the C.N.R. of Nantes (studies with Gérard Hieronimus). In the same time, he studied jazz as selftaught and in New York (New School, Drummer’s Collective) with Billy Hart, Adam Nussbaum, Charly Persip, Mike Clark and Marvin Smitty Smith. He also followed master classes in France and Ireland with John Abercombie, Keith Copeland, Dave Liebman, John Scofield and John Mac Laughlin.

Contact for France
Pierrette Devineau CC Production / Timeless Music Editions
27 bis rue Charles VII
94130 Nogent Sur Marne
Tél : 01 48 72 32 97


« ..The music is flowing in a wonderful, refreshing way … Different and unexpected. »
Christine Christiansen.

« … Mariane Bitran can play in this sphere where contrasts meet and this is an artistic strength. »
Tine Clara Holbøll. Jazz Special 2006

 » … One could appreciate her flute with Bertrand Renaudin’s Zoomtop Orchestra as well as in the group of the Moutin brothers. She’s coming back to us at the moment from Denmark where she followed her husband Simon Spang-Hanssen. Apart from the punctual appearance of the Togolese singer guitarist and composer Alain Apaloo, we cross a piece of the composer Carl Nielsen, as well as a graft of Syeedas Song flute on a fine arrangement of Nardis which owes a lot to the nylon strings of Olivier Cahours. The latter brings ideas that are always appropriate to the flutist’s taste for modal improvisation in which there is no smugness and which is never at a loss of argument with a sound that combine tone and breath at the service of a beautiful expressivity …  »
Franck Bergerot. Jazzman, janvier 2007

« Breath extension … Bitran is always exciting to listen to, she is a virtuoso on her instrument, yet she is still leaving space for the invited musicians. A dynamic rhythmic and a sensitive flute …  »
JydskeVestkysten. Maj 2006

All One. Copenhagen Jazz Festival d.4/07/05.
Bitran rode out a gale. Inspired Mariane Bitran blew along with the wind. Bitran’s music touch it all, it can be full of sadness and thoughtfulness, then flutters naively away with a bobbling lightness as laundry in a summer breeze. Bitran’s All One consisted a part from the French flute player of four excellent musicians, brought from Amager and Paris. Let’s hear them more!
Christine Christiansen.