Welcome everybody !

I am so excited about my new duo album « Wind of Tomorrow » with the fantastic guitarist, singer Alain Apaloo from Togo. It is released now and you can hear it on the digital platforms, so check it out at ! You can also read more about us, under project… 

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central new album Speaking to the Wind is out on all the digital platforms! For this album, Simon composed all the songs, music and lyrics interpreted by amazing singers Sahra da Silva and Alain Apaloo…The line up is like a dream team and the music is uplifting with some nice colors in the horn arrangements… I am performing on flute, piccolo and G flute.

It’s been a great pleasure to join  amazing musician and multi-media artist, Chassol, for 2 concerts with Indiamore +3 at Paris Philarmony for the Steve Reich Unlimited and at Lille Piano Festival… You can see and hear a short video he made during his visit in Copenhagen: href= »

yours truly,
Mariane Bitran