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Alisio Winds

Alisio Winds is a chamber ensemble of four of Copenhagen’s most diverse and adventurous woodwind players. Drawing from the members’ intersecting backgrounds in the realms of jazz, classical, contemporary and world music, the quartet’s repertoire includes self-composed music, along with improvisational… Read More »

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17th may 2020

Blik, Græsted
with Radio Bevort


24th april 2020 at 9 p.m.

Vor Frelsers Kirke, Copenhagen
Mariane Bitran- Alain Apaloo duo, ”Wind of Tomorrow”


11th march 2020

Radio Bevort at Jazz Paradise, Copenhagen


27th february 2020

Cafe Central, Vinter Jazz Festival
Huset, Copenhagen


8th february 2020

Ijexa Group at Lyngby Stadsbibliotek
VinterJazz Festival for kids


21-22th january 2020

The Village, recording sessions with Radio Bevort


4th November 2019

Radio Jazz with Michael Thrane


1st November 2019

Los Puntillos, Hillerød festival, Nødebro Kro.


12th October 2019

Studio session with Fabian Mazur


29th September 2019

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central 


10th August 2019

Pargas Jazz Festival, Finland


9th August 2019

Duo Bitran-Apaloo, Wind of Tomorrow
Pargas Jazz Festival, Finland


13th July 2019

Radio Bevort
Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen


9th July 2019
Alain Apaloo’s ApiPipo
Mojo, Copenhagen


8th July 2019

Alain Apaloo’s ApiPipo     
Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Studenterhuset, Copenhagen


6th July 2019

Copenhagen Jazz Festival, World Scene Platform,
Café Cadeau, Frederiksberg.


25th May 2019

Radio Bevort   Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen


2nd April 2019

Bitran/ Apaloo duo at Soundscape Studio, Copenhagen


5th March 2019

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central    
Lundtofte Kirke


18th february 2019

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Café Central     WintherJazz Festival
Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen


18th,19th dec. 2018

Recording Sessions at Soundscape Studio, Copenhagen


5th  dec. 2018

Pernille Bevort’s Radio Bevort,
Templet, Lyngby 


30th nov. 2018

Words and Music 10 Creation,
Tone Art Ensemble’s Moving Circles, dir. Jørgen Lauritsen 
Curator Lars Emil Foder,
Koncert Kirken,  Blågårds Place, Copenhagen


11th oct. 2018  

Pernille Bevort’s Radio Bevort
Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen


10th of july 2018

Arnold Ludvig  4tet
Copenhagen Jazz Festival. World Scene Platform


6th of july 2018  

Copenhagen Jazz Festival. World Scene Platform


29th, 30th june 2018

Recording Sessions at Soundscape studio with Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central


11th june 2018

Creation, Roger Bourdin Flute Orchestra, dir. Bernard Wystraete
Centre Culturel of Massy, France


1st june 2018  

Recording Session with Alisio Winds.
Copenhagen Rythmic Music Conservatory


15th april 2018

Pernille Bevort’s Radio Bevort.
 Århus Kunstbygningen, Museum for Art


5th april 2018

Jens Viggo Fjord Trio,


23rd march 2018

Peter Danstrup’s Sacrified
Hans Tausens Kirke, Copenhagen


16th march 2018

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central
Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen


21th februar 2019

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central
Winther Jazz Festival, Templet, Lyngby


20th februar 2018

 Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central
Winther Jazz Festival, Skive


10th februar 2018

Peter Danstrup’s Sacrified
Winther Jazz Festival, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen


9th februar 2018

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Brazilian Project
Dexter, Odense


25th november 2017

Radio Bevort
Jazzhus Monmartre, Copenhagen


3rd november 2017

Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central


21th october 2017

Arnold Ludvig 6tet
The Nordic House – Tórshavn, Færoe Island


20th october 2017

Arnold Ludvig 6tet
Salt – Tvøroyri , Suðuroy, Færoe Island


19th october 2017

Arnold Ludvig 6tet
Virkið – Sandur in the island of Sandoy. Færoe Island


3rd october 2017

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Brasilian Project
Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen


1st october 2017

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Brasilian Project
Blik, Gribskov


30th september 2017

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Brasilian Project


20th september

Peter Danstrup’s Sacrified
Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen


1st september 2017

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central
Montmartre, Copenhagen


26 august 2017

Laurent Fricault  Cuban Night 


18 july 2017

Peter Danstrup’s Sacrified
Århus Jazz Festival


15 july 2017

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Brazilian Project
World Scene Platform Festival, Copenhagen


13 july 2017

Art Ensemble Syd
Copenhagen Jazz Festival


11 july 2017

Arnold Ludvig 6tet,
World Scene Platform Festival, Copenhagen


8 july 2017

Peter Danstrup’s Sacrified
5 E, Ilk Jazz Festival


13 juin 2017

Chassol Indiamore +3
Le Nouveau Siècle, Piano Festival, Lille (FR)


15 mai 2017

Peter Danstrup’s Sacrified
St Jacobs Kirke, Copenhagen


20 february 2017

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central


15 february 2017

Pernille Bevort’s Radio Bevort
Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen


11 february 2017

Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Brasilian Project
Pakhuset, Nykøbing






  • 6/02 Arnold Ludvig 6tet with Varna, Nuuk, Greenland.
  • 7/02 Arnold Ludvig 6tet, Nuuk, Greenland.
  • 9/02 Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central, Copenhagen.
  • 11/02 Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central, Odense.
  • 28/02 Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central, Århus.
  •  7,8/04 Studio The Village, Peter Danstrup  » Sacrified ».
  • 28/04 Studio The Village, Radio Bevort.
  • 30/04 Radio Bevort, The Village.
  • 2/05 Vejle, Ijexa Group.
  • 3/05 Vejle, Ijexa Group.
  • 28/05 Festival Couleur Cafe, Copenhagen, with Alain Apaloo’s Api Pipo.
  • 2/06 Giant Steps, Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central.
  • 17/06 Montmartre, Copenhagen, Radio Bevort.
  • 26/06 Concert Kirken, Copenhagen, Danstrup’s « Sacrified ».
  • 3/07 Copenhagen World Scene Fest,  Alain Apaloo Api Pipo.
  • 4/07 Copenhagen World Scene Fest,  Arnold Ludvig 6tet.
  • 5/07 Copenhagen World Scene Fest, Apaloo/Bitran/ Spang/Solomon.
  •  7/07 Copenhagen Jazz Fest, Huset, Danstrup’s « Sacrified ».
  • 8/07 Copenhagen World Scene Fest, 5E, Danstrup’s « Sacrified ».
  • 5,6 /08 Østersø Jazz Festival, Bornholm, Apaloo/Bitran/ Spang/Solomon.
  • 8/09 Vollsmose Kulturhus, Radio Bevort.
  • 13/10 Jazzhus Dexter, Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Cafe Central.         ‘
  • 15/10 Bartof Station, Cafe Central.
  • 13/11 Philarmonie de Paris, Reverbérations de Chassol, Indiamore.  FR.
  • 20/11 Græsted Bibliotek, Radio Bevort.
  • 24/11 Giant Steps, Svendborg, Radio Bevort.
  • 6/12 Tone Art Ensemble, Blågårds Kirke, Copenhagen.


  • 30/01 Arnold ludvig 6tet, Vetrarjazz Fest, Renseriet,Færoe Islands.
  • 31/01 Arnold ludvig 6tet, Vetrarjazz Fest, The Nordic House, Færoe Islands.
  • 6/03 Alain Apaloo & ApiPipo with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Global,  Copenhagen.
  • 18/03 Simon Spang-Hanssen « Alisio », Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen.
  • 22/04 Pernille Bevort « Radio Bevort », Copenhagen.
  •  28,29/05 The Village Studio  with Peter Danstrup « Sacrified ».
  • 9/07 Arnold Ludvig 6tet, Copenhagen World Scene Festival.
  • 11/07 Alain Apaloo’s ApiPipo. Copenhagen World Scene Festival.
  • 18/07 Soundscape Studio with « Wind of Tomorrow ».
  • 19/07 Soundscape Studio with Simon Spang-Hanssen « Cafe Central ».
  • 6/08 Arnold ludvig 6tet, Summertone Festival . The Nordic House, Færoe Islands.
  • 7/08 Arnold ludvig 6tet, Summertone Festival, Renseriet, Færoe Islands.
  • 8,9/08 Studio Session with Arnold Ludvig 6tet. Færoe Islands.
  • 26/08 The Village Studio with Peter Danstrup « Sacrified ».
  • 16/09 Ijexa Group. Slagelse.
  • 17/09 Ijexa Group. Odsherred.
  • 18/09 Ijexa Group, Holbæk.
  • 20/09 Apaloo, Bitran, Solomon, Spang-Hanssen / Bornholm’s Kulturuge, Nexø.
  • 1/10 Ijexa Group, Vipperød.
  • 2/10 Ijexa Group, Asnæs.
  • 20/10 Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Brazilian Project, Copenhagen.
  • 24/10 Simon Spang-Hanssen’s Brazilian Project, Portalen, Greve.


  • 6/03  Alisio Ensemble.  Godset. Kolding
  • 1/04 Arnold Ludwig Sextet. Paradise Jazz. Copenhagen
  • 14,15/04 Recording sessions, with Philippe Kadosch. Paris
  • 5/07 Alain Apaloo’s  ApiPipo, studenterhuset. Copenhagen
  • 9/07 IjexaGroup, Copenhagen Festival  World Scene.
  • 10/07 Arnold Ludwig Sextet, Copenhagen Festival  World Scene. 11/07 Alain Apaloo’s  ApiPipo, Copenhagen Festival  World Scene
  • 8/08  Alain Apaloo’s  ApiPipo, Flensborg Festival ( Germany
  • 13/08 Simon Spang-Hanssen Brazilian Project, Jazz na Iglesia. Belo Horizonte (Brasil)
  • 15/08 Simon Spang-Hanssen Brazilian Project, Jazz B. Sao Paolo (Brasil)
  • 17/08 Recording session, Belo Horizonte (Brasil)
  • 19/08 Simon Spang-Hanssen Brazilian Project, CCCB, Belo Horizonte (Brasil)
  • 20/08 Simon Spang-Hanssen Brazilian Project, Savassi Jazz Festival, Brasil
  • 5/09 Recording Session with Alexis Tcholakian
  • 7/09 Alain Apaloo’s ApiPipo Copenhagen World Music Festival 17/09 Ijexa Group, Samsoe
  • 18/09 Ijexa Group, Skanderborg
  • 19/09 Ijexa Group, Frederiksværk
  • 23/09 Ijexa Group Ølsted
  • 22/10 Ijexa Group, Charlottenlund
  • 23/10 Ijexa Group, Hellerup
  • 9/10 Arnold Ludwig Sextet, Giant Steps, Svendborg
  • 26/09 Ijexa Group, Kastrup
  • 24,25/09 Ijexa Group, Gentofte